About Tania Finn

Tania was born in Glendale, California and that is where she gained a love for the beach and the ocean.  She spent her school years from kindergarten to college in Pocatello, Idaho where she enjoyed playing volleyball, basketball, and running track and field in junior high.  Most of her time in high school was spent singing in choirs and being on seminary council.  She graduated from ISU with a degree in Mass Communication.  After spending two summers being an EFY counselor, she discovered her love for teaching and teenagers.  She was hired as a full-time seminary teacher in Utah and taught for 7 years. 

In 2012, the Lord tapped her on the shoulder and asked her to start down a different path in her life.  She “retired” at age 31 from seminary teaching and now she owns her own graphic design and marketing company.  Tania loves the scriptures and sees them as the instruction manual for her life.  She is the oldest of 6 kids and has 12 nieces and nephews.  The Lord is the center of her life and she always wants to be found doing His will.